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Cricket Is Scheduled To Be Played In Olympics 2024

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Cricket Is Scheduled To Be Played In Olympics 2024

Well! The news has been of a great joy for the Cricket Fans as Cricket is all set to make it’s debut. It seems the wait is over. The 2024 Olympics is yet to decide it’s host country but the game of Cricket is almost finalized but there is a condition…

Rome as Host

Cricket will be in 2024 Olympics if Rome wins hosting bid. Italian cricket board president Simone Gambino has said the sport will be included in the 2024 Olympics if Rome wins the bid to host the quadrennial sports extravaganza.

Well!! It’s still early days to say but the possibility is rather high.

Short Format

The T20 cricket takes roughly 3 – 3&1/2 hrs which is still longer to qualify. But yet suggested by Sachin and Gilchrist in previous that the game can be reduced to 10 overs.

It is quiet understandable for the fans and it will be rather exciting as the results will be more surprising and the minnows will have a fair chance of medal.

France’s Support

Rome is one of the cities bidding to host the Olympics in 2024 — alongside Paris, Los Angeles and Budapest — and, under new regulations, will have the opportunity to add five sports to the games as they deem fit.

France Cricket is attempting to win a similar commitment from the Paris organising committee.

It seems non-Cricketing nations are also interested!!!

12 teams may qualify

So, if only 12 teams were included, three might come from Europe, three from Asia, two from Africa, two or three from America and the Caribbean and two or three from the South Pacific area.

It could well be that some well-known cricket nations — notably England, who are part of the Britain in Olympic terms — miss out.


It is likely that if Rome does host the games, cricket would be held in Bologna. The city hosted World Cricket League Division four matches in 2010 and though the availability of turf pitches may be an issue, there would be time to overcome that should the bid be successful.

ICC Meeting

The news emerged as the International Cricket Council (ICC) continued its annual conference in Edinburgh recently. The next ICC board meeting takes place in South Africa in October.

Which nations would be involved remains open to debate. There would probably be a maximum of 16 teams invited to take part, though there is a possibility of just 12, with Olympic regulations suggesting they will be spread across the globe.


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